The Foundation

Purpose and Focus of the Nathan L. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. 

(an IRS-sanctioned tax-exempt charitable organization)

The purpose of this Foundation is to each year provide scholarship assistance to minority students (from African-American, Latino, and Native American populations), who are US citizens, and are pursuing undergraduate training in one of these four disciplines: 1) Computer Science; 2) Aviation; 3) Nursing; and 4) Music.  Applicants who pursue their studies at Oakwood University (OU) will receive priority consideration because  Lieutenant (LT) Nathan L. Anderson was a graduate of OU, as are both of his sisters, Nicole A. Anderson, B.Mus. and Nichelle G. Anderson, BSN, R.N.  Applications for funding will only be considered for courses of study at accredited 4-year colleges or universities that lead to Bachelor degrees from that educational institution.

The Foundation will focus on supporting those four disciplines because the and interests of Nathan encompassed each of those areas.  By professional training he was a Computer Scientist, he was a licensed Private Pilot, and he was (as well as his sister, Nicole) a formally trained, highly gifted musician.  Since his mother, and his sister, Nichelle, are Registered Nurses, that was an area that he truly supported, although he was on a path that would have led him into medical school to become a physician.

Successful completion of a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science or Nursing qualifies the graduate for consideration to become a commissioned officer in the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps, as well as in one of five other Uniformed Services of the United States. Those five other services are United States Air Force (USAF), United States Army (USA), United States Coast Guard (USCG), United States Marine Corps (USMC), and the United States Navy (USN). A Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation would also be a qualifying degree for the USAF, USA, USCG, USMC, and the USN. 

Mentioned above is how three of the disciplines would be a qualifier for commissioning in one of the Uniformed Services of the United States. Although Nathan was a member of one the Uniformed Services, as are both his parents and many of his extended family, there will be no expectation or requirement by the Foundation that scholarship recipients pursue careers in the Uniformed Services. All four of the disciplines produce fully qualified professionals who provide needed and positive services to society in general, which is consistent with the way that Nathan lived his life and took definitive actions to be a contributing asset to society.

The Foundation’s focus is on assisting others to travel similar paths that benefit society in general.  
Also consistent with the way that, while alive, Nathan directed his personal charitable contributions, the Foundation will allow consideration for contributory support to educational institutions, at the primary and secondary levels, that establish feeder pre-training for any of the four disciplines that reflected Nathan’s areas of interest.

Specifically, the schools that Nathan attended will be given consideration:

• George E. Peters Seventh-Day Adventist Elementary School, Hyattsville, Maryland

• Takoma Academy, Takoma Park, Maryland

• Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama is the college that Nathan graduated from. Funding may be directed to specifically support aspects of the Computer Science, Nursing, and Music programs.

Those organizations will be required to present a grant proposal which will specify use of the funds and obligate the grantee to use the funds only for the purposes that the funding will be provided. They will be required to provide periodic written reports on the use of the funds, as well as a final written report and an accounting of how the grant funds were used. They will also be required to agree to the authority of the foundation to withhold and/or recover grants funds, in the event that funds are, or appear to be misused. Site visits by members of the Executive Board to locations receiving grant funds will be sporadically employed to assure that funding is used for the purposes that it was given.

As part of Nathan’s work as a musician, he recorded a number of pieces of music and unique arrangements. The Foundation has compiled some of his work and produced CDs that are being sold, with any profits going directly into the Foundation fund, to provide additional monies for grants and scholarships.  
Officers of the Foundation include Nathan’s father, mother, and sisters. However, all officers and Governing Board of the Foundation will work gratis, and no funds or scholarship funds will inure to them, or any of their family members.